Summary on Women’s Network The APGF Women’s Network

Summary on Women’s Network
The APGF Women’s Network

…………Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network (APGFWN) is a gathering of all women who are guided by the founding GREEN principles. APGFWN was established on November 2015. APGFWN elects a Convener, Secretary, Treasurer (which may be shared). Members come from across the Asia Pacific Region.

It brings together all the Women from Asia Pacific, who are working for the betterment of our Future Planet. APGFWN was formed to encourage, develop, mentor and inspire each other.

Our 28 members come from 13 different countries (Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Fiji and Philippines) reflecting the diversity of the Asia Pacific region.

The Goals of APGFWN are to   

  • Support Women
  • Share Leadership Role
  • Empower and Build Capacity
  • Participate in Political Activities

APGFWN meets every month via Social media (Skype, Zoom) to discuss the progress, challenges, limitations, needs and current status of political situation of their countries.

APGFWN is currently working on two projects

Mentorship Program: The Mentorship Program is a special chance to learn more from green women leaders around the world to develop knowledge and skills in politics, campaigns and organizing. It helps to connect mentors with their mentee, to empower women from the countries of Asia Pacific and learn from other mentors from any country of the world.

Gender Equity Toolkit: The APGF Women’s Network (APGFWN) is developing a Gender Equity Toolkit which can be applied by the APGF member parties. The Toolkit will provide a range of resources which parties can use to increase women’s involvement and leadership in their parties and to encourage more women to stand as candidates.  The expected outcome of this project is a commitment from  Green Parties to increase women’s participation in their own Party and in the APGF.

Contact Team:

Name: Saima Gul
Position: Previous Secretary
Skype: ghazal.mirani
Name: Marie Therese Seif
Position: Co Convenor ,
Skype: Marie Therese Seif (mtseif)
Name : Rachana Shrestha
Position : Secretary
Skype: rachana.1992


The Stories of the MGP from its history page

On 9 March 1990, some members of the “Green way” and “Mongolian Green`s movement” who are part of Mongolian Democratic Union jointly established the founding of the Mongolian Green Party in SUKHBAATAR SQUARE and announced its main charter to the public. Therefore, very first founding congress was held on May 13th, then officially registered as a 3rd political party in Mongolia by Supreme Court of Mongolia. We have started our activity within 3,000 members and 12,000 officially. Right after the parliamentary election of 2012, we have renewed our member’s registrations again by the MGP. As of 2016, there are 801 active members.

The ultimate goal of the MGP is to: “Ensure ecologically oriented socio-economic development in Mongolia”, which is the formula for the fundamental idea of ​​the “Global Green Declaration”, we will be cared the legal protections must take place for ecological issues for any socio-economic process.

Citizens of Mongolia have the following full rights and freedoms: Article 16 (1) of the Constitution of Mongolia in 1992: “The right to a healthy and safe environment and to be protected from environmental pollution and ecological imbalance” We believe that the “declaration” of vital importance has been legalized by the “lobbying” of the members of the current Mongolian Green Party.

The MGP has won parliamentary elections with “Democratic Union” coalition in 1996, was in power with the government. In 2000, We have supported the Civil Will Green party which was newly established. As a result of the MGP efforts, the Civil Will Green party chair S. Oyun was elected to Parliament.

We have Supported the Mongolian Social Democratic Movement and started our policy of promoting civil movements under the name of the MGP to parliamentary election of Mongolia. In 2008, We have supported the representatives NGOs of civil movements such as “Healthy social civil movement” and “Civil union”. We have run election with our own created joint civil coalition with the Social Democrat party and our former chairman of the MGP Mr. D. Enkhbat was elected to the parliament for the first time of our history and became a direct opportunity in the legislative process. This was the biggest success and victory of the party.

Before parliamentary election of 2012, The Civil Will Green party has proposed to join as a same party for the election officially. Many members of the party did not accept the proposal. It was a big mistake for the party leaders to play the role for the Civil Will party name has changed to the Civil Will Green party in March 2012. The MGP is still opposed to changing the legal environment in favor of the liberalization of Mongolia’s environmental protection policy and the pursuit of business aspirations.

The MGP has been in the process of organizing the coalition of civil movement and parties for the 2012 Parliamentary Elections to reach the Memorandum of Understanding, but it has been a risky decision for political parties according to “Election Law” of Mongolia. Therefore, we have chosen the way of following the support for civil society. So we have Supported members of the “Chinggis Khan World Academy” NGO who followed the goal of enlightening their people with the knowledge of their ancestors, adhered to the 850th anniversary of Chinggis Khan.

At that time, we were nominated more than 100 people to the parliament and the Capital City Citizens ‘Representative`s congress. It was the biggest activity and action that the largest number of candidates from the MGP have nominated to the election in the history. However, as a result of the “Green” dispute between our party and the CWGP, in particular, “black boxes” of the “unclear” operation of the “black box” law, we won five times less than the 2008 parliamentary vote which is 1.36 percent.

In 2013, for Mongolian Presidential Election, we have stopped our support for President Mr. S.Elbegdorj from Mongolian democratic party.  We have supported him to be elected a president on 2009. Specific reason was we did not agree with his nuclear policy in Mongolia, So we have supported Mr. B.Bat-Erdene MP from Mongolian People`s party, we have made this choice rather than a politician. We have made this decision to save ecology, once he always stand against ecological issues we are facing in Mongolia.

The MPP has signed a Memorandum with the MGP. In this MOU, “In conjunction with nuclear threats, the production of uranium and yellow powder is guaranteed by Mongolian citizens as enshrined in Article 16.1.2 of the Constitution of Mongolia” – Living in a safe and healthy environment and protected from environmental pollution and the right to be protected against ecological imbalance. “Unfortunately, there has been no further cooperation in this area.

We have two leaders in the light of the global Green Party standards in order to bring party management and organization into democratic principles, transparency and control concepts to Mongolian political culture. Unfortunately, The Civil Will Green party has 3 chairs which led to the failure of this idea to collapse. That’s why we have made changes on our party rule in November 2012 by the congress of the MGP and Mr. O. Boum-Yalagch has elected as a chairman of the party.

At present, The MGP has translated the charter of Global Greens into Mongolian.  Also we have managed canceling membership of Civil Will Green party from Global green network officially on June, 2015 within international supports. Also our Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Relationship of the party, Mr. N.Boldbayar is responsible for councilor of Mongolia in the Asia-Pacific Green Federation as a representative of Mongolian Greens.

The MGP proposes “pragmatic political policy” in Mongolia’s politics in the 2016 parliamentary election, in the context of “revolutionary change” in society, in the context of “public incapacity” and “unfair distribution of social wealth” pollution, “and independence joined the union with Independence.

We are focusing on air, soil and water pollution in Ulaanbaatar, as well as nuclear threats in Mongolia, especially uranium exploration, and work closely with public organizations and citizens to locate foreign nuclear waste in Mongolia and nuclear power plant The problem was that the construction was suspended. In the future, we will focus on politics and the public in order to find the best solution to the problem of Mongolia’s ecological balance.

Greetings from the Chairman

Dear fellow members,

Since the founding of the Mongolian Green Party (MGP) in 1990, the Mongolian Green Party has focused on establishing a legal environment for the protection and proper use of nature and ecology of our country.

We have been able to guarantee the right to live in the “healthy and safe environment” of the Mongolian Constitution, which is a clear example of the Mongolian Green Party is committed and operate to take responsibility and realized the duties for the Mongolian people continuously. (Article 16.2 of the Constitution of Mongolia: Right to healthy and safe environment, and to be protected against environmental pollution and ecological imbalance😉

In 1996-2000, under the “Democratic Coalition” of the government, and in a single parliamentary seat in 2008-2012, the MGP focused on building a legal environment to implement the concept of “ecologically oriented socio-economic sustainable development”. We have started the successful establishment of the concept of “sustainable development” in the society and successfully educated the public.

The fellow members of our party are encouraging the initiatives and supporter of the “Green Wall”, “Green Channel”, “The Day of Tree Planting”, and “the Green Economy”, as well as the “Movement of Healthy Societies”, “Ongi River Movement” and “Civil Union”  covering and position of actively fight the coalition received public support for the voters outreach communities.

The MGP is the first Green Party in Asia, and participated to establish the “Global Greens” and has been actively participating in the activities of “Peace and Security in East Asia” and “Green Party and Green Movement in Central Asia” and led the activities of disseminating “Green Vision” in the region.

We have translated the “Global Greens charter” into Mongolian and started distributing it to the public.

The MGP has announced in June 2015 that It is time to decide on the issues of poverty, corruption and ecological disasters to pursue and refine Mongolian society and politics and to make a “revolutionary change” in our country.

Dear fellow members, supporters, voters of MGP, I appeal you to fight for the bright future of our country by actively supporting your party’s policy and activity that will contribute excellently to Mongolia’s prosperity to create a happy life for the people.

I wish you all the best and happiness

CHAIRMAN                                    BOUM-YALAGCH OLZOD


Young Greens of the MGP organized a conference “No Political Fog (MAH-AH) No Smoke Fog”. “MAH-AH” is an acronym for two parties (Peoples party and Democratic party) which means fog in Mongolian language.

The conference was held on the 7th December 2017 and issued a proclamation for all citizens, young people, students and victims of air pollution to stand for their rights to healthy environment.

The research and study work for air pollution effects to children health ( энд дарж үзнэ үү )